Friday, June 3, 2016


Finally ( finally, finally ) announcing the winner of the PlantWise Apothecary Giveaway!!
Please e-mail me at to collect your goodies! Stay tuned for another fun, HUGE-ass giveaway coming very, VERY soon =). You guys will love the next one, promise. 


Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Can't Live Without It Skincare Faves + A Little Givaway!!!

There's something about the sun being a little hotter, the breeze a little sweeter, to make you want to spend every single day in the outdoors. I feel like a total granny when I walk into shops looking for wicker baskets and tropical print blankets. I can't even stop obsessing about the picnics I'll be planning for this spring!  

But also around this time is when I start breaking out like-A LOT!  It gets hot outside and I have this horrible habit of touching my face a lot. With the added heat I find myself doing that more often to wipe away sweat or fan myself in the hopes of cooling down. So basically at the end of the day I'm a mess and it takes a toll on my skin in the long run.Lesson learned? Don't touch your face. This month I've been loving this Honey Papaya Facial Mask and Rosy Glow Facial Steam to add into my evening cleansing routine.

I'd never done masks before except the oatmeal and avocado ones I'd made in the kitchen from Pinterest DIYs . But unlike that one, this went on smooth and cool rather than chunky and hard (my bad lol) readying my chips for bits of guacamole that slid down my cheek took a lot more energy too! The major active ingredient in the mask is the Papaya enzyme "papin", which is a gentle exfoliant that dissolves and digests inactive proteins and dead skin cells. That's the kind of stuff that builds up on our skin and clogs our pores giving the skin a dull appearance. 

Soooo the Papaya mask goes on ahead and takes care of that. Not to mention there are a bunch of other yummy stuff in the mask 
It smells like summer & spring & sunny days & breakfast & fancy cafes ALL got together and had a baby and it's all in this little jar that I slather on my face generously. Oh baby!
I usually do the facial mask first and rinse off with the rosy facial steam which is a lovely blend of herbs and essential oils that are specially formulated to revive dull and dry complexions. 


AN NOW ONTO THE GOODIES!! You probably scrolled all the way here first instead of reading the post huh? LOL don't lie, i do it too! So here it is!
I've paired up with PlantWise Apothecary to bring you this giveaway of the Honey Papaya Facial Mask in a "Treat Cho-self Spring Beauty Giveaway!" In order to be entered to win, fill the form below for entries and for Extra Extra Entries, make sure you comment below what you like to do to relax!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring Fever: I'm Laven-der Change in Seasons

Spring days fall consecutively into themselves and we get nostalgic for something we can't quite put our finger on.
There's a tree outside my house that's barren every time of the year except during the springtime. Then the leaves turn green and the flowers start to appear quickly and frantically, as though if they don't hurry fast enough they fear they'll miss the whole season. It's never quite spring until I see the yellow of their ripened fruit turning color with the rise and fall of the sun's hues.
I get the feeling that almost everyone is in love with something or other.  Spring brings about love sickness- and like any illness, it consumes you and eats away at you and never quite leaves you even far after it's paid it's dues.I fall in love with lavender in Spring. No matter what, it's a sweet kind of crush that never fades away with the intermission of seasons in between.

I got a lovely gift pack of lavender products in the mail recently from Gumball Herbals and PlantWise Apothecary. It was all organic and natural, beautifully packaged, and full of solid deodorants and bath soaks that filled the room with the fresh scent of damp mornings and indecisive weather.
I've been loving the solid deodorant. If you've never tried tea tree oil in your beauty products then you haven't lived! No really though, it smells so good! And what makes it even better is that it doesn't have all the chemicals that antiperspirant deodorants have that clog your pores up. The lip rogue, though it wasn't lavender, was also fun to try. I was a little disappointed because it didn't really show on the dark skin of my lips, but i guess it's purpose is to be a subtle kind of beauty. It left my lips really soft though and they stayed like that throughout the day without me having to reapply constantly. Which, I must admit, was pretty impressive. And you guys already know how I feel about bath soaks from my last post.

I used it for prom a few weeks back to calm my nerves but I've been especially particular about using it these past few weeks when AP testings are going on and we're maxing up nights studying for upcoming finals. It's well known for treating anxiety and reliving tension, which I'm desperately am in need of during testing time when my nerves are shot. It's composed of compounds that enhance your blood circulation.
Besides it also smelling super orgasmic-ally amazing, lavender contains essential oils that are good for anti-septic and anti-inflammatory purposes. Meaning it's perfect for  those summer mosquito bites that are bound to appear soon.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ditch Day: Summer Vacation Vibes! Amaright?!?!

This is the time of year where I'm like: "I'M DONE!" Really though guys! I'm so ready for summer! Beach days, swimming, long hikes, lemonade stands, lying around in nothing more than bras and panties! Summertime!
At my school we have this thing called Ditch day, which is basically a heaven sent day to liberate us from captivity. A small taste of summer if any.
It's a passed down tradition where we seniors all decide on a day we'll ditch school (usually sometime after AP testing cause we can't miss that) and we go to the beach instead and chill out, eat food and set up tents for the night.
I've literally been counting down to this day since second semester started and I'm so siked for it! May 15 couldn't come any sooner!
Obviously as it turns out, this calls for a shopping trip. Because bikini's have this horrible tendency to shrink when you go ages without wearing them.
Not to mention that my #SweaterWeather game is still going strong even this late into fall, so any summer clothing is literally nonexistent. I went looking around and put together a few looks I'm leaning towards. Which one do you think I should go with?

I love the color scheme of this look so much! It reminds me of Santorini and beautiful coastal homes that entice you to stay. Take me to Greece!

Palms are SO FETCH right now! I'm pairing the bikini top with a white skater skirt and a floppy sunhat. Out of the car, into the water, transport to Hawaii and do it all again! 

Throwback to Coachella and Joshua Tree festivities! Just my excuse to wear a flower crown and feel like a princess 

Monday, April 18, 2016

4 Twisted Tarts: Prom Night and Bath Soaks

I'm often hesitant to say I use organic products. Mostly because it just takes soooo much out of me to explain to someone why I do it. People lose interest so quickly.
Like this weekend I was planning for Prom with a friend and we got to the subject of makeup. She didn't understand why I couldn't just go to Sephora and get an eye shadow pallet. "It's just makeup" she said, "And it's not like it's gonna do anything to you, it's only one night."
And I was a little set back, and left speechless with no comeback at all. I mean how in the world do you respond to that without initiating a debate on the ethics of product companies and defining wellness? The last thing I want to do is tell someone how to live their life. But at the same time I don't to take away the opportunity to educate someone who may actually be interested in knowing more about the options out there. Cause I'm just a game changer like that *wink wink cough cough* ;)

I think right now the love of my life may possibly come in the form of rose pedal bath soaks. I kid you not! I was browsing Etsy for bath bombs and things of the nature for that much needed after prom spa moment. When your'e feet are blistering from high heels and you've danced until you feel muscles where muscles shouldn't be, all you want to do is sleep or in my case, sink into a bubbly zen bath at 2 in the morning with candle light and an open window.
I was already a fan of 4 Twisted Tarts after trying them out before. Mostly because everything they make is handmade using simple organic ingredients. I was literally so excited when my rose bath soak and wax and lotion bars came in the mail. The lotion bar was sort of a gamble because I'd never heard of lotion in a bar from. Unfortunately it became a favorite (guilty) and I ended up using it all up before writing this post (guilty again) so there's no photos of it here but you guys can see how it looks like over here. It went on smelling like pine or spearmint-ish but later on in the day it takes on a sweeter form and smells like cookies or cupcakes. I didn't smell that but other people around me did so I guess it must be true.But then, who doesn't want to smell like cupcakes? Amaright!

At the end of the day though it was that bath that brought everything into perspective. Sitting there in the dark with bubbly pink sheen dripping off my skin and roses sticking onto my arms and legs, I knew that next time I would find my voice.
There's so many things that seem possible when you soak your'e worries in the water and watch it fade as it trickles down the drain.

Friday, April 1, 2016

10 Books To Read This Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up and something we often find ourselves doing is sitting in the sky for hours on end. Really though, that's basically what it is. And after a long while you come to the realization that there's only so many movies you can watch. Sooo to help pass the time, I love to cozy up in my blanket with a good book and a cup of airplane coffee served on a plastic tray. JK That stuff is gross.
I've been looking everywhere for the perfect book list for vacation reads and I feel incredibly out of the loop because my selection is so different from the ones I've been seeing. There are lists out there with titles like "Finding Beauty in a Broken World" or "Contemplating the Meaning of Life" and things that have to do with the theory of getting the perfect interior design and...  arrgg..I don't know... kudos to them but it's not my thing.
I'm more into Chick Lits and Romances, books with crushes and first love and that kind of mushy gooey stuff. Oh, the many embarrassing treks I've made through the aisles of the Barnes and Nobles! I swear, they judge me so hard at the checkout counter!
I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if your'e into books like that then (let's be best friends :D) your'e in for a treat. Here's a list of the Top 10 books to add to your reading list this Spring Break!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Perfect Summer Shorts

You know it's almost summer when you've already fallen in love with a pair of shorts. No seriously though! If I could marry a pair of shorts, these would be it! I can totally see myself living in these for weeks on end. They're the kind of shorts you wear to the boardwalk for midday smoothies and pineapple turnover.  Ass grabbing cute!

Pairing them up with this cotton tank and paper thin kimono is literally the most comfy combo ever. Perfect for Sunday outings and restaurant surfing for ethnic kiosks. Tasting the sea salt in my ice cream shake and kissing the waves hello. Summertime. You can't come soon enough.